"I wanted to share with you quickly about 'our daughter's' progress since she has been home. I thought it important to inform you that the first week she returned to her ballet studio, she was the talk of the town about her remarkable progress in 5 weeks with your program. The directors were so impressed with her that they moved her to company level this past Friday. Her self-confidence has improved so much, as well as her skill, that I could not let another day pass without sharing the great news with you. Thank you very much for running such an excellent program, and I will be spreading the word."


2019 5-Week Intensive Parent 


“From a parent perspective, I cannot express enough how truly grateful I was in hearing from my daughter on a daily basis how happy she was with the training, and how kind and supportive the entire staff was. You have accomplished an extremely successful program, and I congratulate you for that, and thank you for dedicating yourself to a standard of such excellence.”

2018 5-Week Intensive Parent

“My daughter had so many positive things to say about her time at SDC and feels she has really grown and benefited from all that your program provided. Yes, she experienced moments of homesickness, but as soon as she saw us, one of her first replies to our question of, 'how was it?' was...'I wish I could train here year round!”

2018 5-Week Intensive Parent